Technique/Tool/Resource: Gel Sensory Pad





Used For: (TF-CBT: PRACTICE) Relaxation, Self-Regulation for children with visual disabilities




Where Technique was taken from: Pinterest (Images); Generate, Create, Make and Take workshop





Supplies Needed:

Two baggies either large or smaller size.


A colored or clear bottle of gel.

Glitter, small figures, and/or beads to toss into the baggie.

Duck tape/Scissors

Can add foam board if you would like to make it more stable





Detailed Description: Pour a bottle of gel into the first bag. 

Add glitter, figures, and/or beads into the baggie.

Seal bag and duck tape the end shut for extra security.

Place first bag inside second bag, seal the second bag with tape as well.   


Explain to the child that you will be creating a gel bag today. The purpose of the gel bag is to help him/her calm his or her self when feeling upset. Suggest the child put a specific small item in the gel bag that is of interest to him/her. When the child is upset, he/she can pull out the gel bag and push the gel around with his/her fingers. The child can write things or search for objects in the gel (like the special object of interest the child has selected from the items you have provided for the project) to serve as a positive distraction from unpleasant feelings.


To incorporate feelings identification, have the child select items that are representative of each emotion. When the child is upset, he/she can use the gel bag to search and identify the emotion he/she is feeling.