Technique/Tool/Resource: Zentangle

Used For: Relaxation and/or Distraction, Affect Regulation, Cognitive Coping

Disability: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Learning Disability, Intellectual Disability, Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Developmental Disabilities, TBI, ADHD and ADD.

Where Technique was taken from:

Supplies Needed:

Paper, card stock, poster board, textured paper or card stock

Coloring utensils

Detailed Description:

To create a basic Zentangle start with one small blank square card and make one continuous line/scribble (or string in “zentangle” lingo).  From there instruct the child to fill in each space with a repetitive pattern.  While the child is completing the task, discussions may arise about self-doubt, lack of ability, “Am I doing it right?”  Other discussions may be around what the inner voice is telling them and how they are able to control their thoughts and cognitive coping skills.  Space, time, others and self, provoke additional conversations along with feelings.

Create a series of Zentangle cards by drawing a design on a piece of poster board.  Then cut the poster board into several pieces depending upon the size of the poster board.  Once all the pieces have been completed, reattach them with tape or glue to a large board.  Then the child may take home the entire piece.  The cards may be sent home for the child to use as a relaxation or distraction device or complete with parents/caregivers.

For More Information:

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