Technique/Tool/Resource: Fidget Quilt (Sensory)

Used For: Relaxation/Distraction, Affect Regulation, In Vivo, Court Proceedings.

Disability: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Learning Disability, Intellectual Disability, Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Developmental Disabilities, Visual Disabilities, TBI, ADHD and ADD.

Where Technique was taken from: Pinterest -

Supplies Needed:

Textured fabrics





Any items that can be attached to the quilt and manipulated

Detailed Description:

Make a small quilt (lap size) with various items attached to the quilt.  May purchase a premade quilt and attach items.  Quilt may be used to self soothe, practice relaxation, affect regulation, or as a distraction. The quilt allows the child to remain active and use senses.  Quilt may be weighted by inserting rice or other weighting materials appropriate.

Be creative with the quilt and when appropriate tailor the quilt to the child’s individual needs.  Use different textured fabrics, add pockets (may hold writing utensils and paper, a special surprise, stuffed animal, rubber animals, cars, beads on a string, etc.)

Quilt may be beneficial for individuals who are entering the court room.  The quilt may keep the child distracted, provide a sensory outlet, and/or used as a form of relaxation.

Using the quilt during In vivo modules of therapy, the child’s engagement in the activity may be heightened since the child is able to manipulate the quilt, focus their attention and provide feedback versus rote responses.

Contact local quilting clubs for possible donations.

For More Information:

Search Fidget Quilt in Pinterest for various ideas.