Examples of Question Styles

Open Will you please tell me what happened Thursday?

What happened in the bedroom?

Who was there?

Directed Who was in the house at 6 o’clock?

What room in the house were you in?

Who was in the room?

Leading Was Bob in the room?

Did Uncle Bob touch you?

Where did Uncle Bob touch you?

Did it hurt?

Where did it hurt?

Yes/No Was Bob in the room with you?

You were asleep?

Did he wake you up?

Did he touch your arm?

Did he touch your chest?

Simple Question Were you alone in the room with Bob?

Complex Question Were you alone in the room with Bob at bedtime?

Double Negative You weren’t by yourself when the house wasn’t locked, right?

Abstract If you didn’t know about Bob’s nephew, would you

feel the same way now?

(This is a hypothetical question that demands abstract thinking. Any question that begins with “if” or “what if” or “is it possible that” are abstract and to be avoided.)

Concrete Do you know Bob’s nephew?

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