North Dakota List of ASL Interpreters

ND Freelance Interpreter List (Certified)

Disclaimer: interpreters in ND are mandated by state law to hold national certification in order to work professionally and/or for profit. The interpreters listed are not endorsed or in any way recommended by the ND School for the Deaf other than the fact that they hold national certification. The list is not comprehensive and will be updated regularly (updated, fall, 2011).

Interpreters in the Fargo – Moorhead area

Cathy Obregon

CSD, Fargo/Moorhead (lives in Grand Forks)

Business phone: 701-799-1395


(CSD aka known as Communication Services for the Deaf)

CIC Interpreting and Consulting (five interpreters on staff provide services in ND and MN)

Inc. PO Box 16

Fergus Falls MN 56538-0016

Business phone: 1-877-283-5331 Cell phone: 877-865-5334


Lori Kuball, Fargo, Cell: 701-730-2537

Lindsey Solberg, Fargo, home phone: 364-9182 Cell: 701-540-7683


William C. (Bill) Johnson, Moorhead, MN 56560 Cell phone: 218-236-5396


Danelle Klassy, Moorhead, MN cell phone: 381-9854 Email address:

Stacy Tornel, Fargo email: tornels@fargo,

David Coons: work/cell phone: 701-361-0824 Email:

ASI Professional Associates, Ltd.

Post Office Box 366, Fargo, ND 58107-0366

701.241.7847 office/voice 701.241.7848 office/tty-fax 701.361.0824 Cell/voice

Interpreters in the Wahpeton area

Colliny Passeri Wahpeton, ND

Phone: 701-261-5660 Email:

Interpreters in the Minot area

MariDon Sorum

Minot, ND

Work phone: 1-701-857-8627


Interpreters in the Bismarck area

Mary Everson Heintz

Bismarck, ND

Work phone: 1-701-223-8575


Renae Bitner

ND School for the Deaf (Outreach – office located in Bismarck)

Bismarck, ND 58301

Work phone: 1-701- 662-4435 cell phone: 1-701-740-7753


Interpreters in the Grand Forks area

Cindy Clow

Lancaster, MN (interpreters in areas: NW MN, NE ND, and Grand Forks/East Grand Forks)

Work phone: 1-218-843-1398


Interpreters in the Devils Lake area

Eileen Gray

Lake Region State College

1801 College Drive N

Cell phone: 218-969-3881


Cindy Mead

ND School for the Deaf

Devils Lake, ND 58301

Work phone: 1-701-665-4400 Cell: 351-7831


Melissa Brekke

Edmore, ND

Work phone: 1-701-665-4400 Cell: 351-2570

Lilia Bakken

ND School for the Deaf

Devils Lake, ND 58301

Work phone: 665-4423

Lisa Ginther

ND School for the Deaf

Devils Lake, ND 58301

Cell phone: 351-4075

Marie Shirek

Lankin, ND

Cell phone: 1-701-740-9697


Interpreters in Pembina area

JoHannah Crotty

Pembina, ND

Work phone: 1-701-520-1696