Technique/Tool/Resource: Rain Stick



Used For: (TF-CBT: PRACTICE) Relaxation and affective relaxation for individuals with multiple different disabilities


Where Technique was taken from: Generate, create, make and take workshop 


Supplies Needed:


One Mailing Tube – Two plastic end caps

Tin Foil – 2 ½  the length of the tube

Rice or Popcorn -   ½ cup or so    (can use lentils, beans)        

Duck tape (decorative/ bright colored) to decorate outside




Detailed Description: Cap one end of the tube.  Lightly crumple the tin foil and wind it in a spiral until it can slide inside the tube. Add rice or popcorn.  Other ingredients can be added – lentils and beans, etc.   Secure other cap on top.  Test out the sound it makes – decide if you want to add more ‘ingredients’ or twist the foil differently.  Finish by decorating your rain stick.  Duck tape can be used.  Place vertical pieces of tape first, go up and over the top.  Finish by wrapping a piece of tape close to each end cap. Other mediums to try on your own:  Tissue paper, painting the tubes, wallpaper, the list goes on and on.



The child can be instructed to utilize their rain stick when experiencing difficult feelings. The rain stick provides an opportunity to be distracted by a soothing, rain-like sound. The child can be challenged to remain with the rain stick until all the rain has stopped, can also be challenged to flip the rain stick numerous times, depending on the amount of time the child can stand/needs to calm down.