Parenting- Why do we provide parenting skills?

 To normalize responses to trauma
 To teach parents strategies for addressing problematic behaviors, including praise, selective attention, time outs and contingency reinforcement strategies

Parents /Caregivers of children with developmental disabilities have:
 Increased stress and feelings of overwhelm due to
    o increased supervisory demands
    o lack of education and preparation to deal with disability
    o lack of appropriate educational and treatment services for their children
    o lack of response from child to traditional means of discipline and reinforcement

 Provide structure/ create routine
   o Help family and caregivers create schedules/ routines in the home and school, e.g. set    times for meals, homework, bed
 Provide repetition and reinforcement
   o Repeat skills and concepts in session
   o Assign homework to practice skills taught in session
   o Use consistent praise and rewards as reinforcement of positive behavior
 Create supportive family groups

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