Technique: I feel, I choose Boards



Used For: Feelings identification and utilizing coping skills developed in counseling




Technique can be used in:


   Individual                 Parent-Child          



Supplies Needed: paper placemats, cards with feelings faces, cards coping skills, pieces of Velcro to attach the cards to the placemat




Detailed Description: Laminate the cards with feelings faces and coping skills. Attach the Velcro to the placemat-organize with the feelings faces grouped together and across from the grouping-write “ I feel…” with a marker. Do the same with the coping skills: group them together and across from the grouping-write “I choose…” You can attach a little booklet of coping skills learned in session to the placemat as a reminder of the skill learned.


The technique teaches children that they choose what they can to deal with their emotions. It also teaches them to identify/label their emotions. They choose the emotion they are feeling and move it under “ I feel…” and then they pick the coping skill they will chose to use and stick it under “ I choose…”