Technique/Tool/Resource: Consent Activity



Used For: Psycho-education on appropriate steps to a sexual encounter and the meaning of consent.





Technique can be used in:


X Group      X Individual              Parent-Child           Family        Other



Supplies Needed: Information on consent. Copies of worksheet. Set of cards with each separate step to a sexual encounter listed on each card (construction paper, tape, scissors) for each member of group.




Detailed Description: Go over information on the definition and elements of consent. Ask each member or individual client to lay the cards out the sequence of appropriate steps to a sexual encounter from their perception. Ask them to lay the “consent” card next to the step the begins the process of consent. Note the difference in each member’s sequence of events and create discussion to explain justification. Discuss what might be missing from these steps (dating, commitment, etc.). Reiterate that the consent card needs to come before each step involving the cards with physical touch. Draw their attention to the “cannot consent” on the opposite side of the “consent card.” Have them determine situations that require consent and those in which the individual cannot consent. If you choose to use the work sheet, have them work independently and then go over their answers and indications of consent. The worksheet can also be used in a session following the use of the cards to help reinforce the concept of concept and appropriate steps to a sexual encounter, if you feel your group or client needs it.

  • Adapt the items to be appropriate for your clients, do not use the items if you believe it will be too sensitive/not developmentally appropriate








What does consent mean?

v  Verbally asking permission for sexual activity, from a kiss to intercourse.


v  Listening for a clear “yes.”


v  Both people are sober.


v  Consent is voluntary, never forced or coerced.


v  Consent is based on free choice.



v  No repercussions for refusal.



v  Consent is for the behavior at the moment, not for all future encounters.

Elements for consent

v  Must be equal power base


v  Must know to what one is consenting to


v  Must understand the repercussions of behavior


v  Must comprehend social standards of behavior



v  Must be 18 years or older





Steps to a Sexual Encounter Activity


List the steps in number order,  1 = the first step,  2 = the second step, etc. Draw a    behind each of the steps that do not require consent. Draw a  behind each of the steps

that require consent. The first one is done for you.



_1_  Jesse and Jamie meet at a party


___ Taking off clothes


___ Holding hands


___ Hugging


___ Use of latex condom


___ Kissing


___ Jesse and Jamie have intercourse


___ Touching chest area


___ Touching genitals



___ Mutual attraction

Items to put on cards:


Jesse and Jamie meet at a party



Mutual attraction



Holding hands









Taking off clothes



Touching chest area



Touching genitals




Use of latex condom



Jesse and Jamie have intercourse






Cannot Consent