Technique/Tool/Resource: Clay Trays

Used For: (TF-CBT: PRACTICE) Relaxation skill development for children with sensory needs

Where Technique was taken from: Generate, create, make and take workshop 

Supplies Needed:

Select a tray 

Choose a color of clay – mix and match or go with one color.

*Most clay bought at the local Wal-mart, trays/plates from Thrift stores or Walmart. Pens from Target $1 bins.

Detailed Description: 

This clay never hardens, that’s the good news…it’s going to take some muscles to get it spread
out in your tray, that’s the bad news…Easiest way to do it is to break off small chunks of it and warm it between your hands.

Children with sensory needs can develop these in session. Each color can represent a positive memory or visualization. When the child experiences difficult feelings outside of session, the clay tray can be utilized to distract and cope. The child can focus on the memories/visualization that each color represents and use their energy to blend the colors (memories/visualization). It might also be helpful to write down what memory or visualization is associated with each color to help the child reference.