Technique/Tool/Resource: Smash Book

Used For: (TF-CBT PRACTICETrauma Narrative

Disability: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Learning Disability, Intellectual Disability, Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Developmental Disabilities, Visual Disabilities, TBI, ADHD and ADD.

Where Technique was taken from: Pinterest

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Supplies Needed:

Blank Notebook or Journal

Pens, pencils, markers, crayons, etc.

Glue stick

Tape (various colors)

Scrap booking papers and supplies






Anything is possible

Detailed Description:

Using a notebook or journal, allow the child to decorate the cover.  Guide the child in decorating the next few pages about them.  Allow them to use personal photos when available.  Follow the guidelines for completing the Trauma Narrative, however let the child decorate and assemble each page accordingly.

Smash book may be used to add relaxation queues, affect regulation reminders, coping skills and other skills that have been learned during therapy.  Children may place different items in the smash book to help them describe emotions, tactile/sensory items, safety reminders etc.

As the child decorates and chooses different items to place in the smash book, ask about the items and what they mean.  Keep questions to open ended questions.

Allow the child to add to the smash book as therapy progresses.  Once therapy is completed, the child take the smash book and is encouraged to either begin a new one for their new journey in life or continue with the same one.

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