Technique/Tool/Resource: Sensory Bottles


Used For: (TF-CBT: PRACTICE) Relaxation, affective regulation skill development for children with various disabilities


Where Technique was taken from: Generate, Create, Make & Take workshop


Supplies Needed:

Pick a plastic bottle – remove label.

Decide on what you would like to put in the bottle.  Check out the examples.

Possibilities include:

Combination of water and oil ½ and ½ mixture.

Hi-Liter and Water – nothing else!

Corn syrup – enough to coat the sides.

Add beads, trinkets or glitter…..

Duck tape the top closed.       



Detailed Description: For relaxation: utilize the sensory bottle when the child experiences difficult feelings. The child can be instructed to seek out their sensory bottle and watch the trinkets flow through the bottle when feelings upset. They can be challenged to find their favorite trinket, they can be challenged to watch the trinkets flow for a period of time (1 minute), they can be challenged to watch their favorite trinket move up and down for a set number of times (5 times, 8 times).



For affective regulation: the trinkets can be associated with feelings, have the child identify feelings and label each trinket by item/color. The flowing of the trinkets can symbolize how we are visited by feelings, how they come and go. Talk about times when child experiences each feeling, what situations evoke each feelings, and what facial expression might match each facial expression.